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I'm eMETT (micro expression training tool) and eSETT (subtle expression training tool) certified, and I'm currently studying for the FACS (facial action coding system) test. That gives me a major advantage when it comes to facial expressions. I know what it looks like when someone shows a genuine smile, rather than a casual one. And imagine that you want to show toughness or distance - I can tell you how to show anger or contempt in your expression. You'll notice that most of my headshots portraits use a gray or darker background - but if you want white, we'll use white! My preference for dark backgrounds is two fold. First, they cause less technical harm to the image; bright scenes make everything look dull. Second, white makes people look washed out - and the lighter your skin, the worse it is. Before coming to your session, think about the appearance you want. Girls may want to be cute, and guys may want to appear strong. Or if you're a corporate person, you probably want Peter Hurley's suggestion of "confidence and authority."
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