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Ideal Portraits

STUDIO SHOOTS 2.5 hours. $125 sitting fee.
In studio, I can shoot with only one person at a time.

OUTDOORS 1.25 hours on-location. $125 sitting fee
SINGLE HEADSHOT 45 minutes in my studio. $45 sitting fee
Expect 1-3 images.
Also consider scheduling a regular studio session for your headshots, so we have more time to get a great shot for you!

CHILDREN Children are very active and need to use their bundle of energy, so especially with younger children, your child's pictures may be candid rather than posed.
COUPLES I'm now accepting couples shoots!
FAMILIES AND GROUPS Also (finally!) accepting family and group sessions.
OTHER COSTS Edited images on disc - $120

Edited images on disc (Single Headshot Session) - $30.

Printed, edited images - no disc - minimum order of $45.

If you spend at least $175 on prints, you also get them on disc.

HOW MANY PICTURES? You should expect to receive between 5 and 15 pictures.
PRINTS Some prints may have a white border, to ensure the photo fits properly on the paper. This is most likely with 8.5x11 and 8x10. I do my own printing, so it doesn't take long to get them ready for you.

$24.95 each: 13x19
$5.45 each: 8.5x11
$4.95 each: 8x10
$2.45 each: 5x7
$1.95 each: 4x6

PAYMENT AND ETC. The sitting fee is due at the beginning of our shoot. After that, if you like your pictures - you pay the print or disc fee mentioned above, once editing is finished.

You're free to post your pictures on the internet, have them printed somewhere else (if you paid for a disc -- ask me for a print release), etc. but not to sell them or use them for ads.

I may reuse your pictures, in my portfolio - for example, and you'll sign a form stating consent to this.