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Ideal Portraits

STUDIO SHOOTS $245 -- 2.5 hours.
In studio, I can shoot with only one person at a time.

OUTDOORS $245 -- 1.25 hours on-location.
SINGLE HEADSHOT $75 -- 45 minutes in my studio
Expect 1-3 images.
Also consider scheduling a regular studio session for your headshots, so we have more time to get a great shot for you!

GROUP HEADSHOTS $45 per person, plus a setup fee
Large groups that can be ready for consecutive photos will receive a discount.

CHILDREN Children are very active and need to use their bundle of energy, so especially with younger children, your child's pictures may be candid rather than posed.
COUPLES & WEDDINGS I'm sorry, but I don't do couples posing, and I don't shoot weddings.
FAMILIES AND GROUPS Although I don't pose anyone as couples, I'm still happy to work with your family or group.
HOW MANY PICTURES? You should expect to receive between 5 and 30 pictures, which I'll edit.

For group headshot sessions, expect only one picture per person.

PRINTS Some prints may have a white border, to ensure the photo fits properly on the paper. This is most likely with 8.5x11 and 8x10. I do my own printing, so it doesn't take long to get them ready for you.
$19.95 each: 13x19
$4.95 each: 8.5x11
$3.95 each: 8x10
$1.49 each: 5x7
$0.99 each: 4x6

Also: Pictures will be provided on disc or in a .zip, no extra fee.
AGREEMENT Before our session, you'll have to sign a contract like the one at this link.